CDYT considers protecting “personal data” of its members and candidate members as a priority duty within the framework of the “Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK)” numbered 6698, published in the Official Gazette dated 7.4.2016 and numbered 29677.

Within the scope of the Law of Associations and the Introduction to the Associations Information System (DERBIS), we “Undertake” to carefully protect the Information of the Individuals and Organizations that are Members, Donors, and Participating in Our Projects. The processing and protection of personal data will be transparently reported to the data owners. Also, if the Personal Data is requested to be shared, except for the legal sharing obligation, the Personal Data Owner will be asked for permission.

Within the scope of the above information, our Board of Management has secured the Protection of Personal Data with the Board of Management Resolution dated 00.00.2020 and numbered 0.